3 Signs That You Are Ready To Hire A Virtual Assistant

When is it time to admit that ‘I need a virtual assistant?’

Have you heard that saying ‘spend more time ON your business, instead of IN it’? Maybe at first you didn’t really get it, surely as a business owner you just do both? What does ‘ON’ instead of ‘IN’ even mean?

And then that list of things you would like to do to scale and grow your business just keeps growing, and the amount of admin work you need to do just takes over all of your time… hmmm maybe now the difference between the two is starting to make more sense.

If only there was a way to pass off the daily admin work that is eating up your time, so you can concentrate on what you enjoy doing in your business. Or maybe you started your business as a passion project which you decided to take on full time, but all the daily admin work is sucking the fun out of why you chose to start your business in the first place!

The role of a Virtual Assistant (aka. VA) is literally to take off the load of those daily tasks that weigh you down, so you have the time and mental capacity to focus on the bigger picture in your business. Or even just to pass off the boring bits, so you can get back to enjoying your business again!

If you’ve read this far and you’re thinking, ‘that sounds great but what is a VA?’ Don’t worry, check out this blog post for more info on what a Virtual Assistant is.

How do I know if I need a virtual assistant?

When you have been running a business by yourself or in just a small team from the start, looking to hire someone to help you can feel like a big step. Below, I have outlined 3 signs that tell you that you and your business are ready to take that step. If you’re asking you’re asking yourself these 3 questions, it’s time to hire a VA.

How do I spend less time on admin?

This one is an easy one, hire a VA! Admin is always there and it always needs to be done. You can try to streamline the process as much as you can, by automating as much as possible, but even setting that up in the first place can be pretty time-consuming. A Virtual Assistant can help you set up automation processes and help to manage them for you.

How can I scale my business if I don’t have any extra time?

This can be a really frustrating place to be in. You started your own business and worked really hard at it, and you’re finally at a place where it’s doing really well, but it can’t go any further unless you scale. But of course, working on a plan to scale your business and then implementing it, takes time and when you are in the thick of it in your business, there isn’t any extra time. This is where a VA can help. You can either pass off the easy day-to-day work for a VA to take over, and free up some much needed time for you to work on scaling your business, or you can hire a VA to take on some of the bigger tasks to help your business grow!

How can I go on holiday when I run my own business?

Running your own business can be so freeing! Being your own boss, not having anyone to report to, getting to start work late and have a lie in if you want to! But what happens when you want to take a holiday? Without those set holiday days, if you don’t work, how can you afford to take time off? Do you just work while you’re on holiday? Does that really count as a holiday? Hiring a VA can be perfect for times like these. A Virtual Assistant can take over and keep things ticking along while you take some much needed R & R.

If you find yourself asking these three questions, then it’s safe to say that you could really benefit from hiring a VA to help you with your business. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or just want some extra time for yourself, a Virtual Assistant can help!



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